Sharia Protests Typify White Privilege in America

Anti-Sharia March

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Some white supremacist organizations in the United States have taken aim at Islam and Muslims. This is not surprising given the current political climate. What is surprising, however, is that their most recent attack on Islam has come in the form of protests. Like protests for women’s rights, gay rights or Black Lives Matter, these Anti-Sharia protests appear on the surface to be executed with the intent of helping people. In reality, however, they typify white privilege in America and everything it has come to represent.

The first rule of a protest is that you need something to protest. When people take to the streets to protest the unlawful killing of unarmed black men, the object of protest is clear. When workers protest unfair wages, we all know they are protesting against an injustice committed against them. But when Americans, who are mostly (if not all) white and Christian, organize and march against Sharia, the object of their protest is elusive.

There is no city, town or state in the United States where sharia is mandated. Granted, sharia is practiced daily by many Muslim Americans because sharia is not just law but also ethics, ritual worship and everything else that encompasses the daily practice of Islam. But their practice is not imposed on anyone. Moreover, according to the Qur’an and what we know from the Sunnah (the life example of Prophet Muhammad), sharia cannot be forced on a non-muslim even in a Muslim society.

Putting all of that in perspective, it’s quite clear that anti-sharia protesters are in no way oppressed by sharia. Islam as a religion and practice does not directly affect them at all. Yet for some reason, these grown individuals feel the need to protest it.

Only someone drenched in white privilege would protest something that doesn’t exit. Only someone dripping with privilege would believe it’s appropriate to protest when they are not in any way being oppressed or harmed.

Are they truly protesting some injustice brought on by sharia, or are they propagating hatred against Islam and Muslims? Are they, as they claim, defending women, homosexuals and other disenfranchised people from the “threat” of Islamic law, or are they manufacturing a false threat in order to spread fear and animosity toward the Muslim community? Truth stands clear from falsehood.

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