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Old woman begging for charity

All praise is due to Allah, whose proof of existence is evident in His creation, who’s power is absolute, and whose pre-existence is a necessity. He is the First, but not in numerical diminutiveness, and He is the Last, but not because any came before Him. He is the ever-living, the One who has no peer, and One Whose mercy extends over all of creation, in all parts of the universe.

When Allah decreed the creation, He simply said, “Be”, and it is, and the culmination, the apex of that creation manifested with the birth and ascent to the prophetic office of His messenger, the seal of the Prophets, Muhammad son of ῾Abdullah.

This noble and humble prophet was the most truthful (As-Sādiq) and the most trustworthy (Al-Amīn) of his people. Allah chose him not because of his lineage or his social status but because he was the embodiment of His word, the Qur’an, a light (Nūr) from God, and the perfect example of human excellence.

While the inward manifestation of the Qur’an was always in the light and heart of Prophet Muhammad, the outward manifestation was revealed in the holy month of Ramaḍan. With a single, powerful word, God announced this message to humanity: Read!

“Ramaḍan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur´an, as a guide to mankind, also clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (Between right and wrong)…” (Qur’an 2:185)

The message of this prophetic light is clear. 113 sections (suras) of the Qur’an begin with “In the Name of God, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer”. This mercy (raḥma) is ever-present, as Allah, Most High extends mercy to all people in this life and reserves an even greater mercy for the righteous in the life after.

It is for this reason that Ramaḍan, the month of the Qur’an, is the month of mercy. Allah is Ar-Raḥmān and Ar-Raḥīm, Most Mericful in two distinct yet intermingled ways. As those who peacefully submit in Islam, it is our responsibility to demonstrate a portion of that mercy in our lives for the benefit of humanity, regardless of race, nationality, gender, or religion. As we enjoy the fruits of fasting, prayer, and reflection, we should also lower the wing of mercy and compassion to those in need both of physical sustenance and spiritual and intellectual guidance.

May Allah send His eternal peace and blessings on Muhammad the Prophet, upon his family, upon his companions, and upon his righteous followers for all times.

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Brother Adibudeen has worked for the unity of Muslims since the inception of One Ummah Network. He accepted Islam in 1995 and has been working to increase his knowledge and unite Muslims ever since. His responsibilities include the oversight of both One Ummah Network and Bayt al-Hikmah Islamic Library.

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    DEAR BROTHER & SISTER IN ISLAM HOLY PROPHET RASULALLAH S.A.W. is for whole man kind RAHMATUL-LILAHLAMEEN not only for muslim ,Arab & etc.
    every muslim is brother & sister to each other. who share hard & bad time together. in 1 village 100 HOUSE each house has femine or poverty its every one Duty to give Helpinh Hand. 1 house father been Hospitalise 99 House should visit. together we give helping hand to each other… Regardless of race & religion.